Friday, November 10


I got a much later start today than I had wanted, after sleeping through my alarm. Instead of getting to Atlanta for lunch time, I had lunch at a Popeye's in McRae, and got to Atlanta in time for sunset. (It was beautiful but the batteries in my camera were dead.) I sought a Panera Bread to do some work, but the first one I got to was closed for renovations, so after an hour of riding through heavy city traffic, I got to an open one. It'll probably be too late when I leave to find a campsite - most parks close at 10 pm - so I'll look for a motel. I'd like to see some sites in the city tomorrow before moving on.

I used secondary highways for most of the way. The trees are covered in autumn leaves, shades of red, yellow and green. I got on I-16 off route 441, and the scenery ended, but was made up with speed. The last few miles on I-75 into Atlanta were fun.


Press Play. You can mute the sound, it's just wind noise. The camera is mounted as usual on the left side of my handlebars.

Walker State Park, GA