Saturday, November 11

Just checked into a motel in Greenville, SC. It was pouring the whole way, so my stuff is all spread out on the floor to dry.

Veterans Day

I brought only one pair of amazing Eddie Bauer jeans on this trip. I've washed them a few times but otherwise they've been on me every day for two months straight, usually over long johns. That's a lot of wear and tear, obviously, especially from occasional road debris (pebbles and such) that hit me as I'm riding, so they've gotten several holes and tears along the way. One such little hole on my right knee gradually expanded into a huge hole, to the point where it wasn't cool anymore, and became a problem in Florida where my grandparents [legitimately] didn't want me wearing them to restaurants.
So this morning I finally took out the little sewing kit I've had in my toiletries bag all along, and sewed it up. It looks pretty good, if I may say so myself. (Before and after shots:)

I got breakfast at a Krispy Kreme, three custard donuts and a coffee. Then I rode into downtown Atlanta, to the Centennial Olympic Park. I caught the tail end of the Veterans Day Parade (or maybe the parade was very short and I saw the whole thing, I'm not sure), then went to the CNN Center across from the park. I went on the Studio Tour, seeing the studios of CNN, Headline News and CNN International. (Photography wasn't allowed on the tour.) The tour guide was a bitch and was basically reciting a memorized script in a monotone, but it was interesting stuff anyway. What I really want to do is sit in the studio as AC360 (on CNN) or Hardball (on MSNBC) are broadcast, but I doubt you can do that.

I'm having lunch in a sports bar in the CNN Center now. I'm heading out soon. The skies were gray when I came in so I'm hoping it's not pouring outside.