Wednesday, October 4

Crater Lake

White Eagle

This hotel is amazing. It's owned by the McMeniman brothers, who make their own coffee, beer and wine, and has a pub/cafe downstairs (with live music every night) and a European style hotel (bathrooms and showers down the hall) upstairs. I asked the bartender for something strong and bitter and was served the best beer of my life. The music was "delta blues/roots," guitar and bass and vocals. It hit all the right notes, what else can I say. I left the bar when the band took a break and fell asleep hearing bittersweet melodies resonate the walls. Now it's morning and there's jazz; I'll go down soon to get breakfast in the cafe.

I found myself last night. Now I'm ready to start heading home. (After San Francisco.)

I'm gonna leave in the mornin
Leave in the mornin
No telling how long I'll be

(from a song last night)

Strumming my cup with my fingertips
Sipping sweet sweet bitter ale
Hit that note, hit the spot, touch that wire
That's where it's at
Tomorrow I ride hard
Wind, follow me.

(from one of many napkins last night)