Tuesday, September 12

Wow that's a lot of hair.

This is a photo I could never have taken with my old camera (no swiveling viewfinder to be discreet at any angle)...a math tutor giving a lesson in statistical probability by shaking a cup with coins and seeing the outcome, over and over.

DC rush hour is nuts, no other way to say it. I left Subway because I didn't want to be towed and because they don't have coffee. After stop and go hell I finally decided to park and sit down somewhere - the Barnes & Noble cafe looking like a good spot. I'm now sipping (not drinking) a cafe mocha (not just "mocha"), grande (not medium) at, where else, Starbucks. I think it was $4.50 for this fancy beverage (g pronounced like mirage) but I'll try to get some work done, finally, to pay for the drink...hopefully when I'm too tired to keep working the roads will be relatively clear.


I finally made it to DC. Dropped off my luggage at the relatives I'm staying at in Bethesda, and drove into the city.
On the way I stopped by the National Cathedral, which I first saw in that fantastic West Wing episode where Bartlet yells at God. The building is amazing, a perfect Gothic Revival structure. The photos don't properly capture its enormity.

Continuing on into the city, I was looking for a cafe with sandwiches, but I finally gave up and found a Subway which is almost as good. Now I'm devouring a chicken teriyaki sandwich on the infamous K Street and feeling exhausted. I'll try to get some work in, then go back to Bethesda and fall asleep.
Tomorrow I'll go to the Spy Museum and the Holocaust Museum.

Pit stop in Jessup, MD

Cinnabon for breakfast. wow these are good.

to DC

According to my phone GPS, I'm in Newark, Delaware now. I don't want to rush again today so I won't try to fit in Philadelphia and DC in one day. I told my cousins in DC I'd be there today, so I'll go there now, do some much-needed work, see the Spy Museum and another site or two, then go to Philly another day. I still need to put some more oil in the bike, though, so I'll try to find a motorcycle shop nearby (according to Google) before heading to DC.