Tuesday, October 17

Well the snow isn't just on the ground now - it started snowing pretty hard when I checked into a motel. I hope it's all melted by morning because ice and motorcycles don't go well together.


I got to Cedar City, Utah and decided not to continue today to Bryce. I still have a cold and it's almost dark, so I'll find a warm bed (hopefully without bedbugs) in one of the motels nearby.

Morning in Zion

I slept in late today, much to the chagrin of the park ranger, who kept coming over to remind me that the 11:00 checkout time had passed. I got out by his final 15 minute ultimatum (around 12:30), and he looked disappointed that he couldn't issue me a fine. I rode around some scenic roads in the park for a while, then exited the south entrance of the park into Springdale. I'm at a little cafe now, eating a small pizza and drinking vanilla tea. My throat is a little better but my nose is still running and I'm feeling generally achy. I'll try to go to Bryce Canyon and camp wherever I am at sundown.

A Lesson in Preparedness

When I set in last night, the ground was dry, the sky was clear and there was no wind to speak of. So I tied down my bike cover very lightly and left my stove and utensils on the picnic table. But at 4 AM I was woken by a full-blown thunderstorm, and realized the bike cover had probably blown off and the stuff on the table blown away. So I put on my raingear (which I had luckily brought into the tent) and tightened down the cover, collected the utensils and secured them on the table. My tent's rain cover has never failed me yet, so I should stay dry inside my tent. I'm a little concerned that if the ground gets too wet, the bike's sidestand will sink in and the bike will fall, but it seems ok so far. I'll try to go back to sleep.