Saturday, September 9

It's pouring. Amazing how fast it changed - a clear blue sky, sundown, then lightning out of nowhere. Hoping the tent's rain cover works...

Camping in Rocky Neck

Set up camp in Rocky Neck State Park, CT. Mac & Cheese for dinner. I forgot to bring silverware, though - there's always something you forget - so I figured rather than stir with my pocketknife and eat with my hands, it would be easier to ask the neighbors for a spoon... I have to remember to buy one tomorrow.
The weather's perfect, my bug repellent is working so far, it was a very good day.

At a rest stop in North Stonington, CT, off Rt 95. Headed to Rocky Neck state park to camp.

Newport Scenic Ocean Drive

(Press Play)
The sound isn't very good - the wind blowing in the camera's little microphone just makes a lot of noise - but I don't have a video editing program that can take out the audio.
(And no, I don't hold the camera the whole time - I have a mount for it on the bike, courtesy of the great tripod department at B&H Photo in Manhattan.)


Morning by the wharf

I'm having coffee and a cinammon muffin at the Cookie Jar at Burren's Wharf. I can only capture the sights on my camera, I can't keep the smell of bacon, the cinnamon from the muffin or the music playing on the radio.
I had the tune of Liberty Valance playing in my head all day yesterday. Freddie Mercury was singing when I loaded my bike. Now I have Leaving on a Jet Plane going again. Except for the jet plane it fits. I've packed my bags and I'm ready to go...
I think I'll ride the "Scenic Ocean Drive," walk part of the Cliff Walk and then head to Connecticut.