Friday, October 20

Grand Canyon

I rode yesterday south on 89A into Arizona, passing the road to the northern rim of the Grand Canyon (because that would have required backtracking north), around to the southern entrance. Then further south to Flagstaff, where I decided to spend the night instead of going all the way to Scottsdale. (On the way, a huge elk crossed the road just a few dozen yards in front me.) Flagstaff is up 7000 feet so it was pretty cold. I realized this morning that I gained an hour; apparently Utah and Arizona are not on the same time zone, for some reason. I'm going to get breakfast in Flagstaff, then ride east towards Winslow, to the meteor crater and the famous "corner in Winslow" mentioned in the Eagles song. From there, south to Scottsdale, where I'll spend a few days with my cousins and get a tuneup and new tires for my bike.

I went to the Grand Canyon today. I'm in Flagstaff, AZ now. I had hoped to make it to Scottsdale today but I'll get there tomorrow instead, and see the meteor crater near Winslow also if I have time. I've been working on an emergency at work for the past 5 hours so I'm exhausted, I'll post more tomorrow.