Friday, October 13

I bought tickets to a Def Leppard concert tonight at the Hollywood Bowl, and the Penn & Teller show in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

Los Angeles

I stopped in Santa Barbara yesterday evening, ate a large pizza and rode down the main drag of State St. Some day I'll go bar hopping there, but I was very tired and wanted to get to LA, so I didn't stay long. I'm staying at cousins in Northridge, a neighborhood north of the San Fernando Valley. I'm not sure where the technical borders of LA are, but it's enormous.
This morning I gave my bike a much-needed shower, then took a bunch of freeways into Hollywood. I stopped at the first cafe I saw on Sunset Blvd, for brunch and a few hours of work. The turkey sandwich is great but I bit my lip really hard and it's still bleeding. The people at the table behind me are discussing a movie production.
I'll explore the area for the rest of the day, stay in Northridge another night, then go to San Diego tomorrow.