Sunday, September 17

Yogi Bear

I was heading to a state park on my map, and got off the highway to check my map, when a biker named Kenny showed up, told me about a campground just down the road, and led me to it. It's the Yogi Bear Jellystone campground, private, so it's got all the long-term campers, which some people dislike, but it means I have electricity and water on my campsite, a good internet signal, nice showers and probably even a restaurant and bar, among other things. No fear of bears and no mud to drop the bike here, either. I'm not sure why it wasn't on my map - maybe it only has public campgrounds - but I should look for ones like this in the future.
In the meantime I'm going to explore the grounds a little, then cook some dinner.

I found the local Panera Bread. If there were a Panera Bread in every town and a Wendy's at every rest stop, I'd never need anything else.

A hot Miata parked outside:

Fort Wayne, Indiana

The weather has been fantastic today, my fleece and insulated gloves are happily stored away for the first time in a few days. On route 33 I passed Indian Lake and saw a sign for boat rentals, so I stopped to see if I could get a boat for a few hours. They only had big motorboats for $80 per hour, though, so I passed on that. I'd like to rent a jetski at some point, but all the boat rentals places say it's impossible because the liability is so high.
From there I continued on route 33, got lunch at Arby's in St. Mary's, OH (my first time at Arby's, definitely not my last), then from there came north to Fort Wayne, where I sit currently in a park. I'll camp out tonight at a state park west of here, then get to Highland Park tomorrow.

An extremely obese mother at the motel's continental breakfast this morning asked her obese daughter how many butters (plural) she would like with her waffle. Don't they get it? Personally I wonder how you can have an entire society of unattractive people...but I guess I'm biased by silly northeastern ways.'s a beautiful day, and I'm heading to Indiana.