Sunday, September 17

Fort Wayne, Indiana

The weather has been fantastic today, my fleece and insulated gloves are happily stored away for the first time in a few days. On route 33 I passed Indian Lake and saw a sign for boat rentals, so I stopped to see if I could get a boat for a few hours. They only had big motorboats for $80 per hour, though, so I passed on that. I'd like to rent a jetski at some point, but all the boat rentals places say it's impossible because the liability is so high.
From there I continued on route 33, got lunch at Arby's in St. Mary's, OH (my first time at Arby's, definitely not my last), then from there came north to Fort Wayne, where I sit currently in a park. I'll camp out tonight at a state park west of here, then get to Highland Park tomorrow.


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