Monday, September 25

Checked into a motel in Detroit Lakes, MN. I was too cold and too tired to keep riding to Fargo, I'll try to get up early and haul ass there. Minnesota is huge!!

Heading northwest on route 10 to Fargo, North Dakota.

Too little time in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is my favorite American city so far. The people are chill, there's no stuck up east coast attitude, there's water everywhere, the whole vibe is great. I didn't see a single overweight person downtown, which says a lot. (Readers may wonder why I care so much what the ratio of overweight people in a city is, but I think it reflects a lot. People who feel alive don't sit on the couch eating doritos for year, or whatever it takes to gain 300 pounds.) I met a biker at Lake Calhoun who used to live in Scottsdale, AZ but now lives in Minneapolis. I mentioned that it's the best city I've been to so far. "I try," he said... Try to get that from a Bostonian, if you can get one to look you in the eye for enough time to start a conversation. I wish I could stay longer, but I have a deadline to get to San Francisco to see Tristyn, so I couldn't stay for longer. I'll definitely come back. Maybe I'll grow my hair again and move to Minneapolis.

Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis

One of many lakes in Minneapolis, in the state of "10,000 lakes"

Reflections in my helmet

Eating an 8" sandwich at Jimmy Johns in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis. I bought a twin cities map and was blown away by how big they are, or at least how densely packed the streets are...there are more roads in these cities than I've seen in any other metropolis.
I could spend weeks here seeing all the sights, but I have to get back on the road and head west today. I'll try to fit in a city sight or two before leaving.