Saturday, September 23

Arrived at George Wyth State Park in Iowa, setting up camp.

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In Cedar Rapids

They lubed and tightened up the bike at the shop and I finally got a new battery, so the bike is riding great. I'm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa now. There was some very interesting weather driving here, with rain, hail and sunshine taking turns. Now it's warm, sunny and windy, with big rain clouds coming and going.

The bike's all fixed, even better than before, for only $50. They're refunding the extra room I booked because I don't need it in the end, and I'm headed west finally. I'll try to get a new cover at some point along the way.

There's a Honda shop less than a mile from the motel, so I brought it there this morning and it's in their repair shop getting checked out and hopefully fixed. Hopefully it's just a loose chain adjuster or other bolt. There's a Hardees across from the shop so I'm eating pancakes and doing some work there now. Checkout at the motel was until noon so I got the room for another night; whether I stay another night will depend on the weather and when the bike is fixed. I still need to buy a new cover; they're moving the shop to a new location so they didn't have covers in inventory.