Friday, October 13

Los Angeles

I stopped in Santa Barbara yesterday evening, ate a large pizza and rode down the main drag of State St. Some day I'll go bar hopping there, but I was very tired and wanted to get to LA, so I didn't stay long. I'm staying at cousins in Northridge, a neighborhood north of the San Fernando Valley. I'm not sure where the technical borders of LA are, but it's enormous.
This morning I gave my bike a much-needed shower, then took a bunch of freeways into Hollywood. I stopped at the first cafe I saw on Sunset Blvd, for brunch and a few hours of work. The turkey sandwich is great but I bit my lip really hard and it's still bleeding. The people at the table behind me are discussing a movie production.
I'll explore the area for the rest of the day, stay in Northridge another night, then go to San Diego tomorrow.


At 10/28/2006 3:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ben-
We wanted to tell you that we think you are a very talented writer and your pictures are stunning! We enjoyed hosting you...and wish you continued success and amazement on your journey back east.
All the best,
Cousins Eric, Debbie,
Jonathan and Roni


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