Thursday, October 12

San Luis Obispo

This is a pretty funny place. A muscular shirtless guy in his 50's was in the cafe before. There was a hobo with a guitar. There's a theater producer at the table behind me. Everyone's tanned and mostly thin. (The skin cancer doctors must do good business around here.) The toilet has a wood seat. There are mountains off in the distance.
I'm heading off to Santa Barbara now.


At 10/13/2006 7:32 AM, Blogger Darth Gateau said...

I stayed in San Luis Obispo quite a few years back and had an hilarious time. A group of lively Brits in a town full of students and small bars kind of spun out of control into a very unstately but great fun evening. I can vaguely remember being stunned by the size (and name) of a 'Big Gulp' whilst under the influence of too many beers.
Thanks for reminding me of a very happy time!


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