Friday, November 10


I got a much later start today than I had wanted, after sleeping through my alarm. Instead of getting to Atlanta for lunch time, I had lunch at a Popeye's in McRae, and got to Atlanta in time for sunset. (It was beautiful but the batteries in my camera were dead.) I sought a Panera Bread to do some work, but the first one I got to was closed for renovations, so after an hour of riding through heavy city traffic, I got to an open one. It'll probably be too late when I leave to find a campsite - most parks close at 10 pm - so I'll look for a motel. I'd like to see some sites in the city tomorrow before moving on.

I used secondary highways for most of the way. The trees are covered in autumn leaves, shades of red, yellow and green. I got on I-16 off route 441, and the scenery ended, but was made up with speed. The last few miles on I-75 into Atlanta were fun.


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