Thursday, September 14

Back in the zone

Interstate 68 has an amazing climb, until you get to a point where it tells you the elevation - 1400 something feet - and then it starts to zoom downhill, the traffic cruising down at a brisk 95 MPH. Fast enough to warrant the "runaway truck" escape lane.
Several hills later, traffic slowed to a crawl, due to construction a few miles down. Bumper to bumper traffic isn't much fun on a motorcycle, so I decided to wait until it picked up again, parking in the shoulder and sitting on the hillside until it eventually sped up to 15 MPH, enough to get back into the flow and get past the construction.
Somewhere past there I turned off to get gas, and found a real old-time station. (Others may laugh but I'm used to self-serve gas with credit card reading machines.) The store smelled like corn and had an old tv tuned to a Barack Obama interview on CNN. Cash only of course. (Thanks Pop Pop for the tip about cash, it has been very helpful.)
Back on 68W, I decided to try to make it to route 50 after all, even though 68 would be faster, so I turned south on 220. Past two prisons ("correctional facilities"), into a town called Cresaptown, I stumbled upon Fox's Pizza Den, where I now sit eating a small onion pizza. One slice tasted mildly like soap but the local stuff always has a special charm.
Onwards to Tygart Lake, hopefully before sundown.

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