Thursday, September 14

Very bad start to the ride...just a few blocks after heading out, I pass a garbage truck and just as I go past it a garbage man sprints out in my path. Luckily no one was injured and the bike seems fine. I was going pretty slowly and I doubt going even more slowly would have made any difference, as I would have had a fraction of a second to respond anyway. I need to be very very careful around garbage trucks from now on.
Things got better after that. I got gas, then got on 270N heading to Frederick, MD. From 270 I hope to get 70 NW and from there get 68W or 50W. The rain stopped about an hour ago, the sky is still gray but it's clear.
I'm now at a "scenic view" (so announced the exit sign) in the vicinity of Frederick. There's not much to see, it's a lot of the same shade of green and some structures below that have Confederate significance.
It seemed a good spot to pull out my stove and cook some chicken noodle soup, though, which along with beef jerky (softened by the soup) is making a very delicious lunch. I have beans and oatmeal for dinner, I might stop to get some more soup along the way. (There are always power bars when everything else runs out.)
There were two Harley bikers who came by here, also doing a big trip but not going in the same direction today.
I'll let my stove cool down, let my nerves calm down from this morning and then head back out towards Grafton, WV.


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