Wednesday, September 13

Joe's Place

Still needing to top off the oil in the bike, I set out to the nearest motorcycle shop from the city, in Falls Church, VA. The directions from Google Maps turned out to be bad, but my phone's navigation saved the day again, and I got there 10 minutes before closing. They had the oil and the guy who sold it to me even recommended a good bike shop near Highland Park. (Good motorcycle shops are like that, they know all the other good motorcycle shops.)
On the way from Falls Church to Bethesda I stopped at an Italian restaurant called "Joe's Place," where I'm now eating the $8.99 all-you-can-eat buffet of pizza, pasta, salad etc. (The pitcher in the photo is what they call a cup here.) Andrea Boccelli is playing on the speakers, the waiters are all speaking in Italian and I can see my bike (as it normally looks, without all the bags, which are in Bethesda) from the window. (I've decided I like it much better with all the luggage.)

The weather forecast doesn't look good, so I'll probably be riding in the rain tomorrow to somewhere in West Virginia. If it isn't raining too hard I'll camp out there. Tonight I'm still in Bethesda.


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