Thursday, September 14

Wet morning

The kids wanted to see my bike, so I got up before they left for preschool at 8 to show it to them. The little guy (age "four and three quarters") put on my helmet but it was almost as heavy as he was so he didn't like it very much.
I'm going to aim for Tygart Lake State Park in West Virgina today, taking route 50. Getting from Bethesda to route 50 seems very complicated, though, so I'll probably have to meander along some other interstates until I stumble upon it. If I head due west I'll hit 50 eventually, so I'll keep my compass (tied to the handlebar) pointed that way. I expect it'll take around 5 hours, so I'll stop a few times on the way. Hopefully it won't start pouring again; if it stays like this it'll be a very nice ride.


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