Saturday, October 14

San Diego

More California highway fun this morning, with heavy traffic on 405 through L.A. More lane "sharing," this time with the road bright and dry (unlike last night). At one point I was in the regular lane doing 25 or so and a whole bunch of Harley choppers roared by in a lane of their own. (Then the Israeli part of me said "don't be a sucker" so I joined the parade, albeit much slower as I don't do this every morning on my daily commute.) The traffic cleared up later on, which meant the lanes were doing 70, 80 and 90 respectively. I was in the carpool lane (allowed because motorcycles don't pollute that much, or something like that) following the car in front of me and passing the cars in the left lane. There were sections with a wide area between the regular lanes and the carpool lane - about 4 feet wide and separated by yellow lines - so I used that as my own lane when the traffic slowed down again.
Route 405 turned into 5, which went all the way to San Diego, about 130 miles altogether. I continued on 5 into the city, getting off by Mission Bay. I stopped at a burger place, and as I sat eating lunch, a woman sitting at a table nearby (who had been panhandling by the entrance when I walked in) suddenly went into what appeared to be a seizure - she was sitting up one moment, then her body flopped backwards against the wall and I'd rather not describe the first I thought it was deliberate, but quickly realized even if it was, it required some kind of attention, so I went to the front desk and got the manager, who took his time coming over...he finally called 911, and I got out of there by the time the paramedics showed up. Fortunately there was a wifi cafe across the street, so I'm sitting there now enjoying a fast internet connection, mocha and a chocolate crepe.
I'm going to stay at a motel in San Diego tonight, get up early and rent a sailboat in Mission Bay for the morning, then ride to Las Vegas in time to find a motel and see Penn & Teller.


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