Wednesday, October 18

At Bryce Canyon After All

"When the road is impassable, take a different road."
   - Ancient wayfarer's proverb

My acceptance of not being able to see Bryce Canyon on this trip was premature. I needed to take route 14 to 89 anyway to go south to Arizona, but once I was on 14 it seemed silly not to try to take 89 north to Bryce, the route I had originally intended to take (but didn't because I couldn't find the route 14 exit the first time). This time the road reached the same elevation - officially 9,910 feet according to the sign at the summit - but the road was clear and the going was safer.
I arrived at the park an hour before sunset, and set out along the "amphitheater" section - the midsection of the park where most of the rock formations and view points are located. I rode to the end and then worked my way back, stopping at each view point, returning to the entrance just as it got dark. Now I'm at a diner just outside the park, and food has never tasted so good.
I won't describe the park; I'll post photos soon and they will speak louder than words.


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