Monday, October 16

At 5 AM I was woken up in the motel by a rapping sound on the wall by the bathroom. I got up to see what it was, it was coming through the walls but didn't sound like it was from a person, so I went back to sleep. At 6 AM I was woken up by the front desk telling me the room next to me was flooded and would I please check if I had my water running. Well I did not have the water running, but the bathroom floor was completely flooded. I went back to sleep. At 9 AM I woke up, waded through the puddle in the bathroom to take a shower, packed up and checked out. I demanded my money back from the manager but I made my reservation online so they said I have to run it through them and refused to discuss it further. That along with the bedbugs in the Motel6 in San Diego the previous night have made two nights of horrible motel experiences.
When I went to load up the bike, I found ants crawling all over the handlebars and front. I poured water to get most of them off but they kept coming back. On top of all that I have a cold; my throat is sore, nose won't stop running and I'm feeling generally drowsy. An Advil sinus pill and tea helped a little. Maybe the fresh air riding to Utah today will help.
I'm in the food court in one of the many malls on the Strip now. I came to Vegas to see Penn & Teller, the show was awesome, but I don't want to gamble so there's no reason to stick around. I'll get a sandwich for the road and head out on 15N soon.


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