Sunday, October 1

Overheard Over Lunch

Joel is in his 70's now. When he was in school he was the only kid named Joel.
Zara is the waitress at this ribs restaurant. She's the only person in town named Zara.
I don't know the owner's name, but the fellow who just walked in is named Arnold, and the owner knew he wanted a Bud Lite before he had finished sitting down. The owner is having a "perfect" day, and Zara is getting her driver's license tomorrow. Arnold came in with a friend, and they both have another friend named Max, who likes fishing. The owner doesn't seem to like fishing. Arnold's friend likes the waltz. Zara has never heard of the waltz, so he describes it: "cruising around the room, not the gyrated shit they do now." The ribs were marinated 24 hours before they were put on my plate and they were delicious.


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