Saturday, October 21

In Scottsdale

I had Route 87 south from Winslow all to myself, a straight line through the desert, passing through Strawberry and then Payson, where it became a major highway winding through the mountains. I was enjoying the curves a little too much, however, because I got pulled over for speeding. I pulled to the side as soon as I saw the cop behind me, so he didn't need to flash his lights, and I didn't argue, I just said I was sorry for speeding - so he gave me a warning (for "65 plus") and let me go. Then I continued at a much slower pace to Scottsdale, where my cousins were eagerly awaiting me on bicycles at the end of their block. Riding to the house, we matched our speeds by them pedaling as fast as they could and me riding as slowly as I could. Then a scrumptious dinner at Outback's and lots of good conversation. The dog (a big beautiful Golden) didn't like me at first but forgot about that when I gave him food treats and scratched his neck. The cats ignored me and the hamsters are squeaking happily in the next room.
Tomorrow I take my bike to the shop, and go on some kind of fun outing with the family.


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