Tuesday, October 3

After dinner I visited Pioneer Square, the original founding location of the city and now a downtown shopping area. I was in the mood for some pool and found a billiards club, but finding a street not too shady to leave my bike with all the gear on was difficult. I finally found an empty street near the club with a Mercedes parked on it, so I parked behind that. The tables were great. Then I took route 5 south about 70 miles to Centralia, WA where I had booked a room in the Motel6. I checked in a few minutes ago.


At 10/03/2006 5:52 AM, Blogger Darth Gateau said...

hi. Your blog fascinates me as it's a trip around the US for us people so far away. Cool pics too. It gives me a scenic break from hurly burly London. Thank you!


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