Sunday, September 24

Trying to save some money, I backtracked south to a state park with camping. I found it before it got dark, picked a campsite and was about to set up my tent when the park ranger came over. Usually the offices in state parks are closed so you don't have to pay, but no luck this time. It was $22 for the campsite plus $7 for a park pass, so I wouldn't be saving much compared to the Super8 motel I had looked up online earlier. I decided to stay anyway, if I could connect to the internet, because I wanted to do some work, but there was no signal out there. So I packed the bike back up and headed back to the twin cities, meandering around county roads not marked on the map until I found 35N. All said, I lost a few hours for nothing. I'm on my way to the Super8 now, but I decided to stop at an Applebee's off the highway to get dinner, then I'll continue on, check in late, and see some sites in the twin cities in the morning.


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